Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Pacifiers And Oral Health – How To Protect Your Baby?

Pacifiers can come in handy when you want to soothe a cranky baby. But, at the same time many parents worry about its long-term effects on baby’s dental structure and oral health. While prolonged usage of pacifiers can cause tooth decay and misalignment of baby’s teeth, problems occur only when they’re used incorrectly.
Positives of a Pacifier
· It goes without saying that pacifiers are great comforters. To calm a crying baby, pop in a pacifier.
· Research also shows that pacifiers decrease the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Experts say that babies who suck pacifiers don’t sleep peacefully, so they’re less susceptible to SIDS.
· Pacifiers are a better option than thumb sucking. It’s easier to wean a child from a pacifier than breaking the thumb-sucking habit. Excessive thumb-sucking can also lead to problems in teeth development.
What harm can pacifiers do to the teeth?
· Pacifiers can ruin baby’s dental structure and alignment with prolonged usage.
· Parents are often responsible for passing on bacteria to the baby. Incorrect usage and improper pacifier care can cause tooth decay.
· Dipping the pacifier in sugar syrup or honey, can also lead to tooth decay
· Prolonged use of pacifier can result in crooked teeth, gap in between the upper and lower teeth causing bite problems, and protruding upper teeth.

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