Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Cost Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an expensive affair.Find tips on smart budgeting.Planning your maternity expenses, smart buying and budgeting for baby.Deciding to have a baby is a huge responsibility – personally and financially. Yes, having a baby means that you will have to make a considerable financial commitment but with a little planning, you can help reduce the stress on yourself and your partner. The costs will start adding up right from your first pregnancy test and there is no way to determine the exact amount involved as there are many varying factors to take into account. There are however, some basics that you can keep in mind to develop estimates based on your local city costs and your personal lifestyle.

Money Saving Tips during Pregnancy

Now that you have a rough idea of how much your pregnancy will cost, you can plan ahead and think of ways in which to save some money without compromising on your baby’s comfort and well being.Grab a pen and notebook and write down every single rupee that you spend for a whole month. Include all expenditures big and small, right from a pack of chewing gum to house rent. Once you have taken stock for a whole month, do a complete study to understand where your money is going. Where can you save?

Buying for Baby – A Checklist

While buying for your baby,especially if you plan on working with a budget,it is advisable to ask yourself what is really essential for the baby. In today’s world, clever marketing will try to convince you to buy all kinds of fancy equipment for your baby but remember, this will only leave a hole in your pocket.Nothing is more valuable than the care, attention and love that you lavish on your child.That said, you can figure out what exactly your baby needs.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Role Of A Father

Once the news of pregnancy is broken, invariably, the father-to-be fades into oblivion, with the expectant mother getting all the attention and priority. While she occupies center-stage with the entire family fussing over her, there’s a lot you could also do – probably occupying ‘backstage’. The support you offer, and the extra care you give, can help your partner sail through the 9 months as also ensure a safe pregnancy.

Coping with fertility treatment

Modern advancements in fertility treatments may help you realize the dream of having the baby you always wanted. But undergoing the treatment can also be a frustrating process – one that you and your partner should be prepared for by being informed.
When you are seeking fertility treatment, the type of treatment you are offered will depend on the problem(s) that you have been identified with. For example, if you are not ovulating regularly, you will be offered ovulation stimulation treatment. This involves taking drugs to try and increase the number and frequency of eggs you produce.


Do you have a strong suspicion that you may be pregnant? Apart from morning sickness and a missed period what are some of the early pregnancy symptoms which hint that you may have conceived? When is the right time to do a pregnancy test to confirm? Read about it all and get a quick overview about pregnancy routine tests and ultrasounds.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Healthy Baby

Little babies are vulnerable and delicate. Keeping them healthy is one of the toughest parts of parenting. Find healthy baby tips and advice on everyday issues like burping baby, coping with a cry baby, caring for baby’s teeth and gums, how to protect your baby from common illnesses and a whole lot more.