Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Breast Feeding Problems and Challenges

Breastfeeding is something that could take a few weeks to get used to. Though it’s a natural, process, it could throw up a lot of unexpected challenges before you. But the more confidently you handle it, the sooner you will settle down to a comfortable ‘understanding’ that works out for both you and your baby.

Here are some Common Problems that Most Mothers tend to Face During Breastfeeding.
A Very Demanding Baby 

 There could actually be an underlying reason for this problem, which in most cases goes unnoticed for a long time. When the baby is not positioned properly, there is insufficient supply of milk, and that’s why, the baby’s hunger demands may seem never be satisfied. Sometimes, continuous feeding could also mean that your baby simply enjoys it and finds it very comforting. It could also happen if the baby is trying to increase the supply of milk. If this activity is a change from his normal feeding pattern, then it may get back to normal in a day or two. Make sure that you position baby properly and let him feed on demand.

 Bleeding/ Sore / Cracked Nipples
This is again a result of bad positioning. When your baby is not placed properly, it tends to suck your nipple and not the breast. if this is the case, dislodge the baby, by inserting your finger gently into his mouth to break the contact. Then, reposition your breast so that the breast, and not just the nipple is inside his mouth. Try different positions. Express milk and rub it on the nipples – this will help it heal. Use the less sore side to feed.

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