Friday, 12 August 2016

How to get pregnant the healthy way?

Good to know that you are ready for parenthood. Follow these tips to boost your chances of conceiving in a healthy way. 
•    Schedule a counseling session – The counseling session will help you review your past medical condition and analyses any issue that might occur during pregnancy. 
•    Get into healthy habits – It’s time to consume healthy food, exercise regularly, maintain your weight and get rid of unhealthy habits. 
•    Know when you’ll ovulate – Knowing when you ovulate is crucial to increase the chances of pregnancy. This calls for perfect timing for sexual intercourse. 
•    Healthy sperm is crucial – A healthy and strong sperm can boost the changes by fertilizing the egg. Your partner can do so by skipping few unhealthy habits like – alcohol consumption and smoking.
•    Cut back in caffeine – Your morning cup of coffee is a must to kick start your day. If had in moderation, it’s not harmful. But if consumed in excess i.e. 5 cups /day or 500gms of caffeine, it could decrease your fertility.
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