Friday, 12 August 2016

Am in pregnancy. Am I not. Am in pregnant. Am I not.

Am i Pregnant

 If this question is lingering in your head for a long time, it’s time to clear it out with home pregnancy tests. 
Here’s how it works – the human chorionic gonadotrpphins (hCG) hormone in your urine helps in detecting your pregnancy. 

This is how it’s done – 
Before you begin your test, please read the instruction carefully.
•    Urine home pregnancy test – hold the stick in the urine stream when you are peeing and make sure urine touches the stick directly.
•    Or you can collect your urine in a cup and place the home pregnancy stick in it. 
•    For accurate result, we recommend you to take the test early in the morning when you are peeing for the first time. 
•    Once hCG is detected, one end of the strip will change color indicating pregnancy

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